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void gcn::Widget::_setFocusHandler ( FocusHandler focusHandler  )  [virtual]

Sets the FocusHandler to be used.

WARNING: This function is used internally and should not be called or overloaded unless you know what you are doing.

focusHandler the FocusHandler to use.

Reimplemented in gcn::BasicContainer.

Definition at line 306 of file widget.cpp.

References gcn::FocusHandler::add(), releaseModalFocus(), and gcn::FocusHandler::remove().

Referenced by gcn::BasicContainer::_setFocusHandler(), gcn::BasicContainer::add(), gcn::BasicContainer::remove(), gcn::Gui::setTop(), and ~Widget().

        if (mFocusHandler)

        if (focusHandler)

        mFocusHandler = focusHandler;

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