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gcn::Slider Class Reference

#include <slider.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for gcn::Slider:

gcn::Widget gcn::MouseListener gcn::KeyListener

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A slider able to slide between different values. You can set the scale of the slider yourself so that it ranges between, for example, -1.0 and 2.0.

Definition at line 72 of file slider.hpp.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

virtual FocusHandler_getFocusHandler ()
virtual FocusHandler_getInternalFocusHandler ()
virtual const std::list
< KeyListener * > & 
_getKeyListeners ()
virtual const std::list
< MouseListener * > & 
_getMouseListeners ()
virtual void _setFocusHandler (FocusHandler *focusHandler)
virtual void _setParent (Widget *parent)
virtual void addActionListener (ActionListener *actionListener)
virtual void addDeathListener (DeathListener *deathListener)
virtual void addKeyListener (KeyListener *keyListener)
virtual void addMouseListener (MouseListener *mouseListener)
virtual void draw (gcn::Graphics *graphics)
virtual void drawBorder (gcn::Graphics *graphics)
virtual void drawMarker (gcn::Graphics *graphics)
virtual void focusGained ()
virtual void focusLost ()
virtual void focusNext ()
virtual void focusPrevious ()
virtual void fontChanged ()
virtual void getAbsolutePosition (int &x, int &y) const
virtual const std::string & getActionEventId () const
virtual const ColorgetBackgroundColor () const
virtual const ColorgetBaseColor () const
virtual unsigned int getBorderSize () const
virtual Rectangle getChildrenArea ()
virtual const RectanglegetDimension () const
FontgetFont () const
virtual const ColorgetForegroundColor () const
virtual int getHeight () const
virtual int getMarkerLength () const
virtual unsigned int getOrientation () const
virtual WidgetgetParent () const
virtual double getScaleEnd () const
virtual double getScaleStart () const
virtual double getStepLength () const
virtual double getValue () const
virtual WidgetgetWidgetAt (int x, int y)
virtual int getWidth () const
virtual int getX () const
virtual int getY () const
virtual bool hasModalFocus () const
virtual bool hasModalMouseInputFocus () const
virtual bool isEnabled () const
virtual bool isFocusable () const
virtual bool isFocused () const
virtual bool isTabInEnabled () const
virtual bool isTabOutEnabled () const
virtual bool isVisible () const
virtual void keyPressed (KeyEvent &keyEvent)
virtual void keyReleased (KeyEvent &keyEvent)
virtual void logic ()
virtual void mouseClicked (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseDragged (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseEntered (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseExited (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseMoved (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mousePressed (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseReleased (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseWheelMovedDown (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void mouseWheelMovedUp (MouseEvent &mouseEvent)
virtual void moveToBottom (Widget *widget)
virtual void moveToTop (Widget *widget)
virtual void releaseModalFocus ()
virtual void releaseModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual void removeActionListener (ActionListener *actionListener)
virtual void removeDeathListener (DeathListener *deathListener)
virtual void removeKeyListener (KeyListener *keyListener)
virtual void removeMouseListener (MouseListener *mouseListener)
virtual void requestFocus ()
virtual void requestModalFocus ()
virtual void requestModalMouseInputFocus ()
virtual void requestMoveToBottom ()
virtual void requestMoveToTop ()
virtual void setActionEventId (const std::string &actionEventId)
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const Color &color)
virtual void setBaseColor (const Color &color)
virtual void setBorderSize (unsigned int borderSize)
virtual void setDimension (const Rectangle &dimension)
virtual void setEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setFocusable (bool focusable)
virtual void setFont (Font *font)
virtual void setForegroundColor (const Color &color)
virtual void setHeight (int height)
virtual void setInternalFocusHandler (FocusHandler *focusHandler)
virtual void setMarkerLength (int length)
virtual void setOrientation (unsigned int orientation)
virtual void setPosition (int x, int y)
virtual void setScale (double scaleStart, double scaleEnd)
virtual void setScaleEnd (double scaleEnd)
virtual void setScaleStart (double scaleStart)
virtual void setSize (int width, int height)
virtual void setStepLength (double length)
virtual void setTabInEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setTabOutEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setValue (double value)
virtual void setVisible (bool visible)
virtual void setWidth (int width)
virtual void setX (int x)
virtual void setY (int y)
virtual void showWidgetPart (Widget *widget, Rectangle area)
 Slider (double scaleStart, double scaleEnd)
 Slider (double scaleEnd=1.0)
virtual ~Slider ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setGlobalFont (Font *font)
static bool widgetExists (const Widget *widget)

Protected Types

typedef std::list
< ActionListener * > 
typedef DeathListenerList::iterator DeathListenerIterator
typedef std::list
< DeathListener * > 
typedef KeyListenerList::iterator KeyListenerIterator
typedef std::list< KeyListener * > KeyListenerList
typedef MouseListenerList::iterator MouseListenerIterator
typedef std::list
< MouseListener * > 

Protected Member Functions

void generateAction ()
virtual int getMarkerPosition () const
virtual double markerPositionToValue (int v) const
virtual int valueToMarkerPosition (double value) const

Protected Attributes

std::string mActionEventId
ActionListenerList mActionListeners
Color mBackgroundColor
Color mBaseColor
unsigned int mBorderSize
DeathListenerList mDeathListeners
Rectangle mDimension
bool mEnabled
bool mFocusable
Color mForegroundColor
KeyListenerList mKeyListeners
int mMarkerLength
bool mMouseDrag
MouseListenerList mMouseListeners
unsigned int mOrientation
double mScaleEnd
double mScaleStart
double mStepLength
bool mTabIn
bool mTabOut
double mValue
bool mVisible

Static Protected Attributes

static DefaultFont mDefaultFont
static FontmGlobalFont = NULL
static std::list< Widget * > mWidgets

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